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Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis (FCBA) – Career Transitioners are Accredited by the British Computer Society(BCS) to deliver Business Analysis Courses in the UK. As a result, the training that you receive from CT meets the standards set by the governing body.


Scrum is a framework for delivering project in an Agile Way.It is the most popular Agile method and most project or product development teams use Scrum or a variation of Scrum


This 3 day BCS Business Analysis Practice course will teach delegates how to develop a business strategy and how to apply techniques to explore business issues.


This 3 Day practitioner course provides pragmatic skills for those working on change within organisations.

The course contributes towards the BCS Diploma in Business Analysis


The BCS Requirements Engineering training course with Career Transutioners will help learners demonstrate an understanding of the rigorous approach needed to delvier well formed and well written requirements documents.


We believe that Business Analysts need to be familiar with a number of work tools in order to be effective.

This program provides an opportunity to learn how to use some of the most popular tools.